How to steal a newborn baby

Ok, yeah, it sounds like a drastic title, but it is.

Just in case you are wondering if you are reading a baby stealer’s blog, I’m going to invade my own privacy a bit just to explain how it all went down.

Here’s the new fact you’ll know about me after this: I’ve got a newborn son.

Baby security

If you happen to have a baby through the regular, nature intended way, then chances are you were right there in the delivery room with your significant other and you saw your baby getting into this world and followed him/her every step of the way from that point on.

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How to close somebody else’s bank account

Somewhere around 5 to 7 years ago I opened a bank account. Around 2 years ago (or was it 3?) I stopped using it because I got a new job and they offered an account in another bank with more benefits. I left some money in the first account, because it had some monthly expenses and I wanted to keep it just in case.

Time went by, I checked the account a year later or so, just to see if I had any debt. There was a bit of money in there, interestingly it had some interest so while I wasn’t making a profit, the account was almost paying for itself. “I should close this account, I’ve got no use for it now”, I said to myself.

Being how I am, time went by and I didn’t get to close the account as soon as I wanted to.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried getting to an ATM with the card for the account to check the balance, in case I might have accumulated some debt. But the card was rejected as invalid.

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